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What does "this site is accessible" mean?

This site is accessible to everyone. For example, if you need reading glasses or if you are blind or if you want to access the web with a handheld .

The text font is too small for you to read?

You can resize it:

  • Internet Explorer: view > text size > (5 steps).
    Alternatively: use scroll wheel of the mouse while pressing ctrl key.
  • Mozilla / Firefox: view > textzoom > (7 steps).
    Alternatively: while pressing ctrl key, press + (plus) for larger or — (minus) for smaller font.
  • Opera View > Zoom > (any number of steps).
    Alternatively: press + (plus) for enlarging 10% several times or — (minus) for scaling down
    or use scroll wheel of the mouse while pressing ctrl key.

Are you severely visually impaired or blind?

You can have the site read to you by your screen reader or read it using your refreshable braille display.

Do you want to view the site with a handheld?

It is designed so you can read its content immediately - complex graphics are not loaded, small pictures relevant to the content are displayed. In this way, loading time is minimized.

Technical background

Accessible web sites are characterized, among other things, by a strict separation of contents and design, a clear structure and valid encoding (XHTML and CSS). Therefore, the content also reveals itself to the reader when layout is turned off or cannot be deployed.